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I help women remember who the f**k they are and step into their feminine power following divorce. Whether it was a mutual decision, you were blindsided, or you were the one to end your relationship, this major life event can leave you reeling and questioning who you are and what you desire. It is my privilege  as your empowerment coach to mentor you through the process and help you rediscover your true self, the woman you've lost somewhere along the way. I will guide you in calibrating to the Inner Goddess that lies within and confidently design your next chapter; a life you are wildly excited about, full of hope, abundance and every day magic! ​

I use coaching practices backed by neuroscience, biology and psychology to identify and heal limiting beliefs, help you develop emotional intelligence and understand your personal energetic blueprint. This work is the key to your transformation and will help you lead yourself through this, and every other next chapter in your life!

Let's rise together babe!



BSc Biology
Emotional Intelligence, NLP & Empowerment Coach
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